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Human Body Temperature Measurement System

Human Body Temperature Measurement System

The human body has a high emissivity for an excellent infrared camera to make small distinctions of temperature gradients. The only limitation is that the scanner can only measure the surface’s temperature instead of the internal one. This condition works excellent when you simply want to compare the outliers in a fast way.

Using an IR camera will reveal elevated body temperatures, but it will not disclose that one has COVID-19. The body temperature could rise due to ordinary flu, a run to the store, or drinking a lot of hot water before they take the test. Additionally, the human body could be asymptomatic even with an infection.

Despite these complications, it is not pointless to use a human body temperature measurement system. The diagnostic test can display informative details on a screen to help flag possibilities of COVID-19 infections. A non-contact thermometer is a better option because people will not be okay with the constant touching of their bodies at every entry.

What you need to know about testing Corona

Limitations of the testing system

You will experience a limit on how and where you can take the test. You may only be able to take measurements of the head while testing people in a non-medical environment.

Some measurement tools may expose you to the risk of a spread. The better tools should be able to test a large population with the same consistent accuracy.

What is the proper use of a human body temperature measurement system?

Thermal Camera Solution advises users to read and strictly follow all the guidelines on the package. Do not apply the instructions of a different measuring package on a new one, because they may have different calibrations. Here are the fundamental ways you can prepare and implement proper use of the system:

Recommended use of the system

  • Install or use the thermometers in a draft-free space that is away from direct sun or radiant heat sources
  • Determine the exact temperature of the area to adjust the emissivity of the readings. Record the relative humidity because it affects the environmental temperature
  • Place the measurement system in a room at least ten to thirty minutes before you begin its usage because it prepares it to adopt the environment’s temperature.
  • Hold the thermometer of scanner perpendicular to the forehead of the target area, and ensure that the person remains stationary during the process.
  • The optimal distance between the forehead and the scanner is variant on the manufacturer’s instructions. Consult Thermal Camera Solutions for clarification that is not available on the package
  • Avoid touching the sensing spot of the thermometer because it will interfere with the accuracy and repeatability.

Can you prepare the testing target?

The person using the human body temperature measurement system should ensure that the target area has minimal blockages. Make sure the surface is clean and void of obstructions like clothing. Additionally, medical staff should ensure that the patient does not have a sudden spike or drop of temperature from a shower or sun bask.

You can perform large-scale investigations when you use non-contact sensing tools per the indicated instructions. We ensure the software maintains the consistent quality and enhances the COVID-19 diagnostic process.


Human Body Temperature Measurement System
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Human Body Temperature Measurement System Human Body Temperature Measurement System Human Body Temperature Measurement System