indoor gun range Illinois

indoor gun range Illinois

Choosing the right indoor gun range in Illinois can prove to be a challenge. Choose Midwest Guns and enjoy all the benefits of shooting in an indoor range, with none of the frustration that can come from shooting at a location that proves to be less than professional.

There is a Range Safety Officer on duty at all times at the Midwest Guns range, so your safety is never in question. Shoot all day on the range for just $20, or for $15 with an ammo purchase of $10 or more. You'll simply not find entertainment as affordable anywhere else in Chicago. Shoot on Fridays and enjoy their special half-price range fees. Rent a gun for $10, or multiple guns during your visit for $15, with unlimited exchanges.

There are numerous benefits of shooting at an indoor gun range in Illinois. Consider the many ways in which an indoor range outperforms its outdoor counterpart:

- Shoot in an indoor range and you'll never have to cut short your session due to inclement weather. This is perhaps the greatest advantage over shooting out in the open weather.

- It's difficult for an outdoor range to compare with an indoor range in terms of being able to provide the opportunity to hone a shooter's skills. You'll get quick feedback that will allow you to show down if you'd like to improve accuracy.

- Loud gunfire on either side of you is actually beneficial and will teach you how to better focus on your own mechanics. As you learn how to better function during distractions, you'll notice improvements in your skill.

- Almost every indoor gun range in Illinois provides access to a wide range of shooting accessories. Midwest Guns also sells new and used handguns, ammo, targets and a wide range of shooting amenities.

- An indoor range provides the greatest opportunity for interactivity. Visitors can merely watch if they aren't ready to participate, can typically sign up for beginner's classes on-site or can shoot at any level they are comfortable with.

Unless you have unlimited resources, your time, inventory of ammunition and finances can prove to be challenges when it comes to shooting. You can maximize on the benefits of using Midwest's indoor gun range in Illinois in the following ways:

- Come to the range with a plan of action. You'll find many available simply by searching online.
- Dry fire for maximum advantage whenever possible
- Use your life fire as effectively as you can

It surprises many shooters to learn that dry firing can be an effective part of their practice. Learning how to use dry fire techniques can help you make the most out of every live round.

We highly recommend visitors to Midwest's indoor gun range to become familiar with Illinois safety and etiquette rules and regulations. Feel free to watch a short and informative video on safety and etiquette, located on the MidwestGuns.com website.

Reserve a place on the range by calling Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848 or stop by when you're in the neighborhood. Midwest Guns is located on Plainfield Road, just outside of Chicago.

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indoor gun range Illinois
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indoor gun range Illinois indoor gun range Illinois