LTL dimensioner

LTL dimensioner

LTL dimensioner

Automated LTL dimensioners have revolutionized measurements in the logistics and freight industry. They efficiently, accurately, and speedily measure the weight and volume of freights, including parcels, pallets, and cargo.

Unlike traditional or manual methods of parcel dimensioning, automated systems employ cameras, freight dimensional scanners, and non-proprietary scales to get the most accurate results. Consequently, warehouse owners and other professionals in the shipping industry can optimize their processes and revenues. Cargo Spectre's automated dimensioner systems can save your logistics companies time and money by automatically calculating dims and weight in 3 seconds.

What is a dimensioner?

If you've been around the shipping industry long enough, you must have heard the terms dimensioner, package dimensioner, and dimensionlizer more times than you can count. These terms are used interchangeably to describe equipment and systems for measuring the weight and volume of parcels, packages, and freights.

Over the past few years, the LTL industry has become increasingly dimension-focused. While the previous model calculated prices based on weight and class, the dimension model pays more attention to the freight occupies' size space. The transitioning would have been impossible without top-of-the-line LTL dimensioners that speedily calculate the weight and dimension of freights in seconds.

How do you measure accurate freight dimensions in LTL shipping?

There is no overemphasizing the importance of accurate freight measurement when requesting for freight forwarding RFQs. The rate and final price the shipping company will send solely depends on your dimensions. And inaccurate dimensions may warrant paying excess money for your freight shipments or having to pay extra when you're finally ready to ship.

Traditional freight forwarding dimensioning methods involved measuring the length, width, and height of shipments and multiplying the result. The weight is then measured using the available weighing scale. This format of freight measurement is not only tedious but typically rife with errors. If you want to get the best results, you should invest in an automated LTL dimensioner like Cargo Spectre. Computerized systems use 3D scanners, cameras, and non-proprietary scales to get the most accurate measurements.

Asides accurate measurements, LTL shippers can also save cost by eliminating 'dead space'. This can be achieved by packing parcels and pallets as tightly as possible, thereby reducing the total freight footprint. Although this practice may not have mattered much in the past, it has become all-important with the advent of the dimensioning model. Needless to say, optimizing freight density should not translate to compromising the integrity of the products being shipped.

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Have you been searching for a reliable and accurate automated LTL dimensioner for your business? It would be best if you look no further than Cargo Spectre Dimensioning and Weighing Systems. Our system promises unparalleled effectiveness and ease of use, and they guarantee higher revenue and improved processes. Contact us for the best automated dimensioning made easy: call (832) 463-0606 or visit https://www.cargospectre.com/contact/.

LTL dimensioner
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LTL dimensioner LTL dimensioner