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Survey Data Visualization

Whether you are analyzing data yourself or need to make a presentation of your findings, using survey data visualization is a great way to present and analyze your data without boring your audience or yourself to sleep. Infographics make data more interesting and engaging. They help you to glean more complex and valuable information from your survey data.

Combining charts, graphics and text can take your data analyzation to the next level and help you get more from it. Survey data visualization is a great way to make key survey insights pop. For this, there is no better tool on the market today than mTAB. Here are some tips on how mTAB can help you get more out of your survey data analysis.

How to Get Started with Survey Data Visualization 

The first step is to organize your survey data in a logical order. Unfortunately, your information and data seldom come in neat and organized. It is your responsibility to depict your data in a manner that clearly highlights your key findings. Charts and graphs can be incredibly beneficial for survey viewers to quickly process data. Just provide a backdrop for each visualization aid and a context.

When people think about survey data visualization, they often overcomplicate it. The best thing to do is to keep it simple. Your survey design should serve to enhance data comprehension. All-too-often, the design ends up dominating the survey and distracts from it rather than enhancing it. Having too many elements or unneeded design aspects will do that.

As with everything, survey data visualization is about finding the proper balance. While you don't want to overdo the design, you also don't want it to be too simple or omit precious details. Instead, find the best balance. mTAB survey visualization software is a great aid for creating simple yet highly effective visual aids for your data sets.

What are the Right Visualization Tools for My Survey? 

In addition to these design tips, you should also know which charts to use for visual aids for any given data set. Using the wrong chart can muddle your data's message. Additionally, using the wrong charts can actually be more confusing than beneficial. Knowing when to use line charts, pie charts, bar charts, or stacked charts can be difficult. mTAB survey analysis software makes this process of data visualization easy by providing intuitive charts for different types of data.

How to Make Survey Visualization Credible

Remember that, depending on who you share your surveys with, you want them to be credible. One of the ways you can establish trust with your survey results is to always be transparent about the margin or error. Make all of your data and totals clear.

Because people have a tendency to overcomplicate the design of their surveys, keep the colors and effects limited. For example, certain effects, such as shading and 3-D effects, can actually skew your colors, as do loud colors. Remember, keep your design simple, and you should be alright.

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