Network Administrator
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent product and service that I received while working with you this past month. I have purchased my last three servers from your company and I will turn to you first when I need more. This experience did not require any troubleshooting or exchange. In the past, I assembled the hardware and had to return one of the backplanes. My return was processed quickly and a new replacement part was in my hands in excellent time. I would and have recommended your company to my associates who need reliable hardware and knowledgeable, professional service.
Marti Naudi, Network Administrator, Balance Technology Inc
Thanks, considering all of the orders we gave you and the lead times we associated with those orders, your crew did a wonderful job at getting them to us. Please pass it along to them that we appreciate the quick response that they have provided to us. Your continued dedication to meeting our needs is also greatly appreciated.
Debby, Insitu
I bought a battery backup unit add-on chip to place onto my 3Ware 9550SXU-4LP. The first shipment had the battery but not the add-on chip. I e-mailed Terry and his response was extremely quick and professional and I received the missing part in 2-3 days. Their A++ support outweighs the few extra days delay. Would definitely do business with again!
Greg Surbey
We have ordered various systems from RackmountPro during the past couple of years (about 2 dozen, total). Their pre-sales service has been excellent, particularly their willingness to accommodate our requests for non-standard configurations (such as a configured to be expandable half-populated storage server and a low noise server. RackmountPro located a low noise rackmount Power Supply, configured a low noise fan bridge, and supplied special low power CPUs for us). 
They ship very quickly, even custom configurations, and their quality of assembly has been first rate. The only problem we've experienced to date with one of their systems was when a motherboard had a network port go bad shortly after initial installation and a replacement was cross-shipped the day we called. Other than that, we've not had any problems with any of the systems. 
We will continue to order from them, they've been an excellent vendor.
Dan Miller
I've been purchasing from Tommy Tang at YMI for a couple of years now, and this company has raised my expectations about what a good vendor really is. I can't recommend these guys enough (although I do recommend them all the time). I have even requested Tommy's buisiness cards to hand out at conferences, etc. 
The prices on the website may not be the lowest on pricewatch, but just give them a call and negotiate and they will do their best (and can usually match anybody's prices, and aren't shy to tell you if they can't). They offer great educational discounts as well. 
They are faster than I could previously imagine possible. In the past, they've had items delivered before we could even push a PO through our system here (most other vendors wait for either full payment, or a written copy of the PO in the mail, which takes a long time). For small orders, most of the time parts arrive the next morning after I call. Larger orders (like our 6TB servers) may take a couple of days longer to assemble/test. 
Service has been outstanding. There have been hardware issues in the past (which aren't YMI's fault), but all have been resolved within just a few days (and most of that time was for overnight shipping). On one occasion they even overnighted me 6GB of DDR333 ram to help me work out an issue with some DDR400 ram that turned out to be OS related. On several occasions, they've offered to handle manufacturer RMA paperwork so we could get replacements faster than the manufacturer's RMA process allowed. 
I've never seen any vendor go this far for customer satisfaction. These guys are the real deal.
Judd Taylor
Outstanding service. Ordered seven servers for the company. Called in during a lunch hour for assistance in trouble shooting a problem (Which ended up being a configuration error in our part.) Naturally, their support staff was at lunch. But the sales person responsible for our order, walked us through a couple of procedures that helped us isolate the problem. A Sales Person! I thought these guys only talk sales. But he was very knowledgeable and understood our situation perfectly. Taking the time to assist us in a problem that was not even their fault is what signifies to me a company with good ethics. Greatly satisfied and Highly recommended. 
Edward C.
The prices were reasonable and everything arrived in good shape. I would have liked to have gotten the tracking # when they emailed me that the product had been shipped. I called for the shipping number and they gave it to me over the phone.
R. Sibert
I work for a large company in Cincinnati, and we have purchased over 25 servers from this company. We have only had 1 problem, which was a bad hard drive. Rackmountpro sent out a replacement HD via FedEx next day. When I look for a vendor this is the type of service I like to see. It is an imperfect world, But those who can recover from adversity will rise to the top...Kudos to Rackmountpro.com...
A great company. Rackmountpro stocks an excellent selection of server parts not found in shops that sell mainstream desktop components. The site was easy to navigate with very descriptive specifications and pictures to aide in the purchasing process. Shipping was fast and reasonable. There was one mistake but it was made by Chenbro and not Rackmountpro. Despite this, they offered to pay for overnight shipping both ways to make thing right. I recommend this company and would do business with them again.