Amd Epyc Servers

Amd Epyc Servers

3 Crucial Questions About AMD Epyc Servers

When it comes to AMD Epyc servers, there are no shortage of questions that need to be answered before a consumer can make the correct decision. AMD has made a series of advances in hopes of closing the gap on their competitors at Intel and these servers are expected to grow in popularity rather quickly.

The time has come to take a closer look at some of the most burning questions about AMD Epyc servers, so that consumers are made fully aware of these crucial queries. Those who ask the right questions of themselves and their retailers are typically able to have a far more enriching experience, so please be sure to read on and learn more about AMD Epyc servers.

1. What Level of Power Efficiency Will I Have Access To?

One of AMD's primary goals when releasing these new servers was to reduce the amount of power that users are consuming. One of the main challenges that the designers of servers face is creating a product that does not serve as a complete and total drain on the resources of consumers. Fortunately, the AMD Epyc server offers the proper level of power efficiency and they have relocated their voltage regulators in hopes of assisting users.

The distance that data must travel in order to be processed has also been reduced in a significant way, which is a major component of any server's power efficiency. Battery life is retained and so is the level of performance that the server is able to provide. When you are purchasing a server, its power efficiency has a profound effect on the graphics and display, which makes this question even more pivotal.

2. Are All of the Newest Technologies Supported?

Since there are so many awesome technologies that are either on the way or on the verge of being implemented, it is only right for the prospective purchaser of an AMD Epyc server to ask certain questions. Knowing whether all of the newest technology is going to be supported is something that you should be asking long before the purchase is made.

After all, the last thing that anyone wants is to select the wrong server and if you are a gamer (or someone who has specialized needs for your server), you will want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into from the very beginning. The memory and storage of the server that you select must be able to support all of the tasks that you wish to complete.

3. Is The Zen Chip Hype Real?

Since Intel is moving in the opposite direction and turning their attentions away from server chip marketplaces, this has opened the door for AMD to swoop in. While it still remains to be seen if their products that are fueled by the Zen chip will be able to claim a sizable portion of the marketplace, the early returns are promising. Epyc servers that rely on these chips have received positive reviews from consumers thus far and the Zen chip is believed to have the proper level of sustainability.

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